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The Story So Far


We thought 'What if we could use smartphones to give care workers more support on the job?'

CuppaCare was born as just a sketch on a piece of paper.


Ufi Trust funded a highly successful proof of concept. Over 100 care managers and staff were consulted - and they liked the idea.

With funding from Skills for Care, we ran a workplace pilot with homecare staff at Jewish Care. They liked it too!

In 2019

With further funding from the UfI Trust, and help from SetSquared Innovation, we developed a fully functioning system.

Homecare providers and care charities across England gave us feedback, and we are busy getting CuppaCare ready for launch.


We are bringing CuppaCare to everyone

CuppaCare for managers - the platform that allows you to deploy Sips, with full tracking and reporting - is now available 

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Who We Are

Sara Dunn

Sara Dunn

Founder and MD

Sara has worked for care sector organisations for over twenty years. A research and communications specialist, she wrote the first E-learning strategy for Social Care for SCIE in 2007, as well as reporting on workforce digital skills for Skills for Care in 2014.

Alexander Braddell

Alexander Braddell

Content Lead

Alex has extensive experience in workplace learning in social care, with special expertise in literacy and numeracy. He has authored learning resources for Skills for Care (including the highly regarded Learning through Work series), SCIE and the Learning and Work Institute, among others.



Technology Partner

MyKnowledgeMap has over 10 years' experience in developing and supporting mobile learning and assessment applications and software platforms within the education and corporate sectors.

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