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CuppaCare wins Learning Technologies Award

CuppaCare has won an award in the prestigious international Learning Technologies Awards 2020. The CuppaCare team, with technical partners MyKnowledgeMap, were awarded bronze in the category 'Best use ...

Covid-19 response: free CuppaCare Sips released

In response to the Coronavirus emergency, CuppaCare have released Sips of guidance on handwashing technique, hand sanitisers and personal protective equipment free of charge

Festival of well-being of care workers - 4 September 2019

Let’s celebrate all that is good about people who work in care with the second annual Professional Care Workers’ Day on 4 September! Guest blog by Karolina Gerlich, Care Worker and CEO of the National Association of Care and Support Workers, NACAS

Care workers embrace digital learning on smartphones

Home care providers and their staff have trialled a new kind of digital learning service. The CuppaCare platform delivers educational content to phones through a native app. Users tap and swipe throug ...

Interview with CuppaCare Content Lead, Alexander Braddell

Through delivering short, accessible ‘Sips’ of learning, the CuppaCare smartphone app offers a genuinely new way to help busy, on-the-go homecare staff feel more supported in their role...

Care providers trial a new digital learning service

Home care organisations from across England are exploring how education app CuppaCare can improve care provision. The pilot, funded by the Ufi Trust, includes Good and Outstanding home care providers ...

Learn how CuppaCare promotes informal learning on the job

Care managers can use the Sip with staff to build their confidence, provide reassurance (even when they’re not there) uncover knowledge gaps, and refresh learning.

How the CuppaCare Taster app helps all careworkers from new to experienced staff

One of the Sips in your free Taster app is on ‘Respecting Confidentiality’. Imagine you have a client, Mr. B, who is 85 and lives on his own. One day you bump into his daughter, Jane, in the supermark ...

Three ways to blend CuppaCare Sips into your staff learning programmes

Using the free CuppaCare Taster app with your staff is a great way to promote a culture of learning in your workplace. The Sips are a starting point for care workers to discuss their knowledge and ski ...

Why everyday learning is important to the people who need your care and support

There are three important steps for learning something new. The first is noticing. This means looking closely at what you’re doing or what you want to learn about. Second is questioning, asking about ...

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