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Learn how CuppaCare promotes informal learning on the job

The Sips in your free Taster app are on everyday care tasks and topics. Managers are using CuppaCare to take advantage of the natural learning opportunities that arise day-to-day in the workplace.

One Sip in your Taster app is on ‘How to Empty a Catheter Bag’. Care staff can review the learning in four minutes: confirm they have the right equipment, receive reminders on hygiene, privacy and dignity, and then follow the seven steps to empty the bag. The Sip includes guidance on recording the urine, cleaning up, and final checks.

Care managers can use the Sip with staff to build their confidence, provide reassurance (even when you’re not there) uncover knowledge gaps, and refresh learning.

Here are three ideas for quick wins in the workplace:

  • share and review the CuppaCare Taster app with colleagues – ask other managers, supervisors and L&D staff for their views on the using the Sips. They can download it on iOS or Android
  • introduce the free CuppaCare Taster app to your care staff – ask them to do a Sip and then talk about it with you
  • record and review these conversations as evidence of your careworkers’ learning and to support their continuing development.

Every Sip has a ‘Share your learning’ section. This is useful for checking your staff’s understanding and reinforcing what they’ve learned. The ‘How to Empty a Catheter Bag’ Sip encourages care staff to think about what real-life problems might happen when they empty a bag. Ask your staff about this and talk with them about how they will solve these problems.

The ‘How to Empty a Catheter Bag’ Sip supports CQC Key Lines of Enquiry 'Safe', 'Effective' and 'Caring', as well as the following Care Certificate Induction Standards:

  • Standard 5: Work in a person-centred way
  • Standard 13: Health and Safety
  • Standard 15: Infection prevention and control.

Remember, the Sips in the Taster app are free to download to your phone and keep forever. We’d love to hear how you’re using the Taster app, please get in touch or sign up to our newsletter for more top tips.

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