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Why everyday learning is important to the people who need your care and support

There are three important steps for learning something new. The first is noticing. This means looking closely at what you’re doing or what you want to learn about. Second is questioning, asking about it, and really trying to understand it. Third is practising or doing it over and over again.

In your free Taster app there is a Sip on ‘Types of Abuse and Neglect’. In this Sip, noticing is vital. Sometimes care workers don’t act on abuse and neglect because they’re not paying attention, or they don’t know enough about abuse and neglect. Failing to act is never acceptable. Careworkers have a duty to watch out for signs of abuse and neglect and to report any concerns immediately. Sometimes family carers or careworkers can be abusive without meaning to be. Imagine a client is refusing to have a bath, and you say: “You must do it.” What kind of abuse is that? In this Sip you can check you know the answer. You can refresh your understanding of situations when abuse is unintentional, for example because of lack of time.

Talking about the Sips with your colleagues or manager is just as important as reading them. It means that you can learn from other people’s knowledge and experience, and talking helps you understand and remember.

Practising things makes them easier. In your free Taster app there are lots of things you can learn about and practice. How to wash your hands might sound obvious, but it’s surprising how many people don’t know that germs can pass through gloves. The handwashing method is simple and easy to do. Refreshing your memory, and then practising the right way boosts your confidence and gives you reassurance.

We hope you enjoy noticing, questioning, and practising with CuppaCare. What do you think of the free Taster app? Let us know by getting in touch or sign up to our newsletter for more top tips.

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