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Care staff like CuppaCare at their fingertips

Over 80 staff and managers used CuppaCare in our pilot with Jewish Care in 2016-17.

We found many staff valued it as part of their training and development, in particular the way they could access it anywhere, anytime. Many staff said CuppaCare was a handy way to check they were doing the right thing. One care worker said: "It is a good thing to have it at your fingertips, you know. It sort of refreshes your memory. It's that I find useful."

One care worker used CuppaCare at home, saying they liked to "learn at a time of my choosing when I can concentrate and it is quiet. I like being able to re-read things to check I have understood them."

One of the most popular Sips with care staff and managers was hand hygiene, even though it covers a familiar topic. "This is helpful information and good learning for everyone not just care staff. The hand washing method is simple and easy to remember," was one manager's comment.

And new members of staff were reassured by the 24/7 access to the guidance on CuppaCare. One new care worker said: "Cuppa is a genius app - this is my first care job so really helpful to use all the time. It has helped me a lot."

Our findings from the evaluation showed care staff consistently rated CuppaCare guidance as easy to use, interesting and useful.

"The good thing, it is there. You can always go back and look at it and just read it again. By reading, I think it really refreshes your mind. It just comes back to you straight away."

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