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How managers make the most of CuppaCare

CuppaCare works best when managers deploy it strategically, and make time to talk about it with their staff, answer questions, and reflect on how the knowledge provided is put into practice.

In our 2016-17 pilot with Jewish Care, managers said their home care staff really started using the app after they explained CuppaCare was there to refresh their knowledge and skills.

"Cuppa gives staff on-the-spot information. If they're confused and they can't get to speak to any of us, they can easily go onto their phones and check it out there", said one manager in the evaluation interview.

Service Managers in Jewish Care gave us the materials to build bespoke 'Sips', or five-minute learning activities, on their organisation's policies, procedures and work-based practices. We developed six Sips for Jewish Care and five Sips we'd already made: confidentiality in public places, dementia care tips: communication, hand hygiene, managing stress: breathing activity and the Mental Capacity Act.

CuppaCare Sips support the Care Certificate standards, and are mapped to CQC's Key Lines of Enquiry.

We found that both managers and staff got reassurance from having CuppaCare guidance at their fingertips. Managers told us how engagement with the Sips supported standardisation around practices key to safety and quality. Their care staff came to them with questions, and they encouraged discussion of the CuppaCare learning content in meetings and supervisions.

One manager said CuppaCare is "very good, very informative. A quick reference. You get the basic knowledge you need from any of the Sips. They were very useful."


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