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Care providers trial a new digital learning service

Home care organisations from across England are exploring how education app CuppaCare can improve care provision.

The pilot, funded by the Ufi Trust, includes Good and Outstanding home care providers with a progressive approach to workforce development.

They are testing how micro-learning on smartphones can benefit their staff and the people who use their care and support.

“So many of my team are really interested in this app. I know they are going to benefit from it,” South-east care provider.

The CuppaCare service features a catalogue of learning items called Sips, available via an app, supported by a digital platform for managers to assign Sips and track their use by staff.

CuppaCare Sips are interactive, five-minute guides on everyday care tasks and topics. They use multi-media and include quizzes. Sips are bite-size so busy care workers can do them on the go. The platform allows managers to personalise learning by assigning Sips to individuals as well as groups of staff. It also offers providers a Sip authoring tool to create new learning content for their own staff.

The home care organisations piloting CuppaCare are already seeing how the digital service can supplement their existing learning provision. Early feedback suggestions include how a team manager can allocate all staff a Sip on CQC inspection ahead of a meeting to discuss what to expect. Or that a new member of staff can have a Sip on Parkinson’s sent to their phone before meeting a client with this condition.

All the organisations are contributing to the development of the CuppaCare app, digital platform and Sip authoring tool. Managers and care staff are testing user-functionality and integration with existing systems in their service provision. The pilot runs until 31 March 2019.

For anyone wanting to get the flavour of CuppaCare, a free Taster app is already available to download on iOS and Android. The Taster app includes a sample of Sips on topics including Dementia Care: help with food, How to change a catheter bag and more.

The CuppaCare team is led by Sara Dunn and Alexander Braddell, experts in digital and workplace learning in social care. 

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