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Care workers embrace digital learning on smartphones

Home care providers and their staff have trialled a new kind of digital learning service. The CuppaCare platform delivers educational content to phones through a native app. Users tap and swipe through five-minute ‘micro-learning’ guides and quizzes on care tasks and topics.


“CuppaCare is a genius app! I use it all the time.” Home care worker and pilot user.


The pilot saw Good and Outstanding home care organisations from across England trial the system. The CuppaCare platform comprises a library of Sips, an administration website for sending Sips to individual users and monitoring user progress, and a tool for creating new Sips.

More than 200 users tested CuppaCare and the feedback shows care managers and staff value the micro-learning approach. Managers found the tightly focussed Sips complemented and reinforced staff training. Smartphone micro-learning means home care workers can get more out of daily downtime, and can check and refresh their knowledge even when no-one is available to ask. Home care workers rated the convenience and accessibility of CuppaCare Sips and reported gains in knowledge, skills and confidence.


“Brilliant, loved every Sip I did, asked for more from my manager.” Homecare worker and pilot user.


CuppaCare has been developed with support from the Ufi Trust, a vocational technology charity. The first phase focused on proof of concept, and the recent pilot tested the full mobile micro-learning platform. The system itself is context-neutral and can be used to develop and deliver learning content for any audience. This CuppaCare pilot was focused on the UK social care sector, and specifically on home care.

The National Association of Care and Support Workers (NACAS) endorses the CuppaCare concept.


NACAS said: “CuppaCare provides a unique solution for care worker learning. Considering how busy care workers are, having a resource that provides bite-sized training and refreshers is a great way to ensure great care."


CuppaCare Sips are mapped to the Care Certificate. Users can check their learning with in-app quizzes, and earn digital badges to share on social media.

You can get a flavour of CuppaCare by downloading the free CuppaCare app on iOS and Android. Register as a guest to try out five Sips from our catalogue of learning on everyday care tasks and topics.

The CuppaCare team is led by Sara Dunn and Alexander Braddell, experts in digital and workplace learning in social care.

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